Bryn and Blaze

  • £19.99

Bryn and Blaze

Bryn and Blaze, her friendly Husky, love to go on walks in the park and Bryn is dressed stylishly for this, wearing 1 Dress, 1 Coat, 1 Pair of Undies, 1 Pair of Socks, 1 Headband, 1 Purse & 1 Pair of Shoes.

Collect Lori’s friends, complete with their own pet dog and lead! Each of these soft bodied, 6 inch dolls comes with her own fashionable outfit and matching accessories, and additional outfits are available for the dolls to change in to! Lori’s World includes a fun range of playsets with which children can enjoy playing out their imaginations, and these lovely dolls are the perfect size to take along on your travels.

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