Taf Toys Kooky Chime Bell Mobile

  • £12.99

Kooky Chime Bell Mobile

Fun and action for baby on the go! The beautifully designed and versatile Taf Toys Kooky Chime Bell Mobile is a captivating accessory for your pram, buggy or pushchair, providing plenty of rich textures, bright colours and pleasant sounds to enjoy.

The 3 colourful flaps features 2 baby-safe mirrors, bright, loveable illustrations and high contrast black and white patterns to encourage baby to focus and develop visually. Hanging within easy reach are 4 fascinating toys, including a teether, plastic rings, a soft rattling circle and a crinkling star, all of which help baby to develop fine and gross motor skills, whilst also developing baby's emotional intelligence. The Kooky Chime Bell Mobile can be easily attached to most prams, cribs, or just about anywhere by means of a large plastic clip. Suitable from birth.

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