Taf Toys Kooky Stacker

  • £14.99

Kooky Stacker

Teach your baby the art of stacking with the Taf Toys Kooky Stacker! This brightly coloured, modern twist on the traditional stacking toy features a loveable, soft Kooky character plus 4 patterned, easy to grab rings, including one with fascinating swirling beads, all helping to stimulate baby's senses and visual development.

Each ring is flat on the sides, so they can stand and roll, encouraging baby to crawl after them. The stacking tower has a flat base, making it easier to keep the stacker within baby's reach. Placing the rings on the tower strengthens baby's hand-eye coordination and helps to develop motor skills, as well as problem-solving and learning to differentiate between colours and sizes. Suitable from 9 months +

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