Halilit Marching Drum

  • £18.99

Marching Drum

Have fun while learning with this classic children's Halilit Marching Drum! This high quality drum features a professional drum skin which produces an excellent authentic sound. Designed to withstand the rigours of classroom use, this drum is extremely strong and durable and yet the construction method means that it is also light and comfortable to use when marching around to that great drum beat. The Marching Drum has a colourful band around the middle with a fun design. The neck cord comes with a safety connector and can be threaded in two different ways so that the drum can be played with the drum skin positioned horizontally or vertically, adding great fun as little ones march around with a military spring in their step. Complete with a pair of specially weighted drumsticks that are comfortable for little hands to hold, making the Drum easy to play. Suitable from 3 years +

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