Taf Toys Stroller Wheel Toy

  • £26.99

Stroller Wheel Toy

Transform your stroller with this fun Taf Toys Stroller Wheel Toy! Designed to keep little ones entertained whilst travelling in a pushchair or stroller, baby can imitate a car driver with the colourful, clicking steering wheel and create various music, horn and engine sounds with the ratcheting gear lever, flashing indicators and various buttons.

Push the blue ignition button to play alternating engine sounds and music, press the centre horn to beep at passers-by and activate funny sounds and push the two indicator buttons to create lights and amusing melodies. Two curved baby-safe rear view mirrors also allow for eye contact between parent and baby.

By turning the steering wheel, moving the gear lever and pushing the various buttons, baby will develop fine and gross motor skills, learn about cause and effect and encourage the use of imagination. The Stroller Wheel Toy is easily attached to almost all stroller trays and bars by means of adjustable Velcro straps.Requires 2 x AA batteries (not included). Suitable from 12 months +

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